My visit to Chernobyl

 I remember the tales about Chernobyl from my parents and grandparents who grew up in the Soviet Union. The government coverups, the magnitude of the disaster, and the fact it happened close to where they are from always fascinated me. Every kid has a subject they ask their parents about over and over again. For […]

7 lessons from Goodfellas that will make you a marketing wise guy

Yes, there are spoilers ahead* As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a marketer. Marketers are the big earners in companies, a good move and their company can go from rags to riches, a bad move and they can go completely bust. And what a better way to learn about […]

How to Hike the Cerro Picacho Mountain in Panama

Looking to do some hiking in Panama? I would start with Picacho. I´ve hiked a a lot mountains in Panama and Picacho offers one of the best effort to reward ratio… The view from the top is one of my favorite in Panama. And it took us only 1 hour to reach the summit despite […]