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Summary of Neville Medhora´s Kopywriting Kourse

On the internet, writing is everywhere. Social media, emails, blog posts, ads, landing pages. But good writing can take you so far. If you want to make money online you need to learn copywriting. In fact, it is considered the # 1 skill you need to make money online. 

One of the best courses that teaches copywriting is Neville Medhora´s Kopywriting Kourse. Below, you will find a short summary Neville Medhora´s Kopywriting Kourse:

Get the full summary of Neville Medhora´s Kopywriting Kourse here.

Who is Neville Medhora?

Neville Medhora is the “cool” copywriting teacher. He has written copy for companies like AppSumo, The Hustle, and SumoMe. He teaches copywriting basics in a practical, fun way. Your time is too valuable to waste it learning from second-tier copywriters or guys who only make income from teaching copy, not writing copy. Neville is a legit copywriter and teacher. And so is his “Kopywriting Kourse”

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is writing words in order to sell. 

  • Typical results when writing: you get no replies or everyone declines. 
  • Why? You are just asking for sales. There is nothing in it for the customer.

Learning copywriting helps us get from the mentality of “ASK, ASK, ASK” that gets the above-mentioned results, to “GIVE GIVE GIVE” that gets higher response rates and more money for you!

Words are very powerful. Simply changing or rearranging words on a page can be the difference between $1,000 in sales, or $10,000 in sales. Copywriting is the highest impact skill online.

No one cares about YOU

Before becoming a copywriter you have to change your mindset. 

Remember. No one cares about you or what you are selling. They only care about themselves.

Write fun

You will get better results if your copy is casual. 

Communication is simply getting information from one brain into another. If it is fun, simple, and interesting, your prospects will listen more.

The all-important AIDA formula

Write a proper sales page and sell ideas to someone regardless of what you are selling using four (4) easy steps. 

  1. Attention: Grab their attention (headline, question, something unexpected).
  2. Interest: Interest them with interesting facts about the product or idea.
  3. Desire: Make them desire it (what they can get out of it, positive outcomes of using the product/service).
  4. Action: Make them take action. 

Result: You have a sales message scientifically designed to sell. When people start using this, they immediately see an increase in sales. 

AIDA is the most fundamental copywriting formula and it can be used for sales pages, emails, ads, and any other content. 

Make your customer “Bob”

A lot of people write to everyone, writing a general description of the product, and think it will make sense to everyone. This is wrong. As the saying goes, “if you sell something to everyone, you sold it to no one”.

Instead, write to one person (your “Bob”)– a composite average of your customers. In this regard, knowing your customer is very important. You need to know who your average customer is. 

You need to be able to answer as many questions as possible about your “Bob” to really know him. 

Subject lines

We tend to pay attention to stuff that’s new, novel, unique, or helpful. Similarly, you want your subject line or headline to do the same. After all, this determines if your copy will be read. 

The purpose of a headline is to get them to read the sub-headline. The purpose of the subhead-line is to get them to read the first sentence of the first paragraph and so on. Get them on the slippery slope until they read until the end, and buy! 

Short copy vs. Long Copy

“Copy is like a woman’s skirt. It should be long enough to cover the essentials, but short enough to keep it interesting.”

Features or Benefits

A lot of people use features in their copy, but don’t explain their benefits. This is huge problem for prospects. Because now they have to think about what the benefits are. You know your product better than anyone else, and you know the benefits better than anyone else. So don’t be shy. Write them! 

Sales pages made simple

A sales page is anywhere where you sell on a single page. 

How much effort to put on a sales page depends on the product being sold. If it is more complicated or more expensive, you need to explain: 

  1. Why do they need it?
  2. What it’s going to do.
  3. What it comes with.
  4. Exactly what happens when they buy
  5. How they buy it.
  6. What do people say about it (testimonials).

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the difference between selling and educating. 

People don’t want to open up a sales email or a sales blog post. They want to open and read something that gives them value. That’s why content marketing has become so successful. 

The formula for successful content marketing: 70% interesting content + 30% sales/deal offer. Give information first, then sell. 

Why do autoresponders work? 

Most marketers are like that friend who only gets in touch when she needs something. Why is she annoying? Because she just takes, takes, takes. Instead of giving. 

Most marketers are like that. They only contact the customer when they want something from them.

Whenever you do marketing with autoresponders, use it to give good information to your customers without asking them for anything. This will create a bond and build trust with them. In turn, they will look forward to opening your emails. 

What to send on an autoresponder?

No matter what industry you are in, you can always use an autoresponder. Even physical stores can use it to give the customers good stuff that they like.

With autoresponders, you remove the pressure from selling. You make people want to buy from you because of all the valuable content you are giving them. 

The best way to learn about autoresponder copy is to sign up to the

The cliffhanger

Whenever you are doing an autoresponder, you have to leave them on a cliffhanger to get them to read the next email. 

How to do it: every single email has a follow-up cliffhanger saying that “tomorrow you are gonna get this” so that they can look forward to what they are going to see next time.

Content Writing

Think of your article as a storefront. Remember that each piece of content is an asset of yours. 

Content marketing is an effective long-term strategy. When you write high-quality content it ranks on Google and brings traffic to your website. Great content can become your leading source of high-quality leads. 

Cold emails

Cold emails can be a great way to find new customers for your business or to pitch a project or idea.

Before you start, understand the value you can bring to your email recipient; know who you are talking to.

Avoid using subject lines with standard, cut and paste, sales pitches. Also impersonal messaging. Recipients rarely respond to such emails. 

Go for a brief conversation (instead of relying on PowerPoint presentations). This shows that you are confident and comfortable in what you are selling. Cut to the chase.

Four things for a great cold sales email

Step 1: Make your emails seem personal. Use their names instead of to whom it may concern. Try to learn about your prospects before emailing them. 

Step 2: Give them something, and keep it short. Instead of telling them about your company, history, etc., remember that they are interested in themselves. Give the customer something instead of just talking about yourself. 

Step 3: Simple outline that you can use in your emails: (1) quick introduction; (2)  what this product will do for them; (3) what will happen if they get this; and (4) when can we talk. 

Step 4: End with a single request. Write it in bold to highlight the one thing you want them to do. Give them one option. Remember to keep the whole thing short. 

Website Tuneup

A home page is like a storefront. You want visitors to either sign up or buy from your store. 

If you are selling something simple just make it attractive to click and buy. You look at the product, add to cart, and buy. Simple. The goal is for visitors to buy as seamlessly as possible. For ecommerce your goal is to get them off the homepage as fast as possible. You want them to buy. 

How to THINK About Your About Page

There is no technically right or wrong way to write the about page.

The about page is the second most visited page after the home page. People are always interested in who runs the site. So it should have a call to action at the end. The page should tell visitors what to do next. 

You don’t want them to just read and leave, make sure there is something they can do afterward. 

Additional copywriting resources

Neville´s Recommendations for further learning:

So You Wanna Become A Copywriter?


  • Know what is interesting to people. They understand human psychology. What resonates with people and what does not. They love to research and learn about the human condition and about the product or service they are writing for–and their target customers. 
  • They enjoy learning and reading about copywriting. 

Now, if you want to become a copywriter and you haven’t written anything, you are at a disadvantage. You have to write or be a good writer already. So start writing. If you do it and enjoy it then copywriting might be for you. If you don’t enjoy writing, then copywriting is most likely not for you.

Get a full summary of Neville Medhora´s Kopywriting Kourse here. 

Disclaimer: This summary is not in any way associated or endorsed by the course creators or their affiliates. 

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