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I know a girl who acted as an extra in 2 or 3 commercials. She says she is an actress. Well, she is an actress…In her dreams at least.

Like many others, she lives fantasizing and reaping the benefits–in social media likes–of calling herself an actress. Without actually being one. 

I don’t blame her. Acting is hard. You have to go to castings, rehearse, learn your lines, expose yourself, get criticized. But what is even harder is becoming an actor. Because you have to do it all the time. You need to go through that painful process on repeat. Until your body doesn’ allow it anymore. (Commonly known as retirement).

That’s really hard. That’s why there are so few people who can call themselves “actors”. Or writers, entrepreneurs, athletes, bodybuilders. Or any other cool badge that will get you lots of social media recognition. 

That’s why so few make it. Because when their new “passion” demands them to repeat the process, again and again, ad nauseum. And the stage lights are no longer shining on you. And you are tired. And that other thing/project/endeavor looks way more appealing. That’s when you no longer do it. Until someone calls you for some commercial 11 months later. And then you are an “actor” again.

No, you are not. And you will never be. 

To be someone, you must always be that person. What makes an honest person honest? Acts of honesty over an extended period. Sure, you can have your pitfalls. But, if you are an honest person. You will eventually revert to your default. Telling the truth. Being honest. You can’t call yourself honest if you choose the truth a few times here and there, or when it’s most convenient. 

Doing something always is what makes you someone. It applies to acting, writing, being an entrepreneur, or whatever else people brag they do, but don’t actually do. This is the “always be” formula. As Alec Baldwin says in Glengarry Glen Ross. Always be closing. That’s the one thing salespeople do that make them salespeople. Closing. Always closing.

Want to be an actor? Always act. 

Writer? Always write. 

Pianist? Always play.

Bodybuilder? Always lift. 

Want to earn the right of calling yourself any of these things? Do them every day. You will become them by doing, not by labeling yourself. Who you are is defined by what you do. Not what you “believe” you are.

If you choose to do something all the time you will become it. You will not necessarily become “successful” or “renowned”. But you will become better. And only by becoming better continuously will you become “successful”. 

If you do “X” all the time. It’s who you are. And if you keep at it satisfaction and success will come. Just always be (insert who you want to be). 

If you keep doing. You will become. 

Just choose something you are willing to do every day and do it. There’s no shortcut. Just always be. Then you will become. And you will earn the right to call yourself whatever you want to call yourself on social media.

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