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The most important graph on the internet

What do these graphs have in common? 

Youtuber Ali Abdaal´s journey from obscurity to internet stardom. Shared in his Part-Time YouTuber Academy landing page. 


Nat Eliason. 0 to millions of readers on his blog. 

They illustrate the paths of 99% of creators/entrepreneurs who make a living online. An obscure beginning followed by explosive growth. 

Notice the flat line at the beginning of the journey.  That’s where dreams go to die. 

But creators agree on 3 things to keep them alive: 

  • Producing content that your audience finds useful 
  • Posting consistently
  • Repeating this for +2 years 

This is how you overcome the great paradox of the internet. Where everything seems to happen so fast; content is shared instantly, videos become viral every day, millionaires pop out overnight. 

Yet for creators who want to make a living online, the process can be very slow. 

But on the internet, as in your life, good consistent habits compound into greatness. 

So don´t quit. You will get there — and so will I. 

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