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I, like most men, lasted less than I wanted in bed. And it was something I wanted to improve. 

For some reason, the information on the internet on how to do this is very limited. For all the millions of porn videos, there is a deficit of quality resources for men to actually improve their sex life. This shows we care more about being distracted than improving. But that’s another topic. 

Internet advice on lasting longer in bed is typically written by guys with enough broscience credentials to suggest something like: “Yeah bro just have some wine”, “Think about the basketball game”, “Imagine you are knitting with your grandma”. Bullshit. 

After a bit of research, I came across a solution. The pill used by porn stars. Exactly the pill they use to shoot 45-minute sex scenes. Generally, I am skeptical about the “pill solution”. Most things in life such as sleeping better, losing weight, or feeling better are not solved by a pill. 

But when it comes to lasting longer in bed a pill might be the best solution. 

I found about Priligy in the Good Looking Loser blog. Before you proceed, you must know he is very outspoken and some of his content can come up as crass. But this blog is one of the rare places on the internet where you can get legitimate advice on male dating, sex, and health. 

So, you take 1 pill of Priligy about an hour before sex and you will last longer. Much…much longer. In fact, your partner will have to do some real work for you to come. Priligy is like a switch, you take it, and your stamina triples. You don’t have to do anything else.

However, before you put your phone on airplane mode and book the afternoon for an extended love-making session there are a few things to consider. 

You need a prescription to buy Priligy. Go to any Urologist and tell them you want to try Priligy. He will ask you a few simple questions and give you the prescription. I live in Europe, but you should be able to get it in most countries. 

Priligy does have side-effects. You can become dizzy and even feel slight nausea. If you feel bad, stop taking it and talk with your doctor. The first time I tried it I felt a bit lightheaded but nothing serious. You can find more information here

Priligy is quite pricey. A single pill will set you back about $5. 

It’s also not recommended after heavy drinking (It´s fine after a few drinks). 

Another thing. And this is the biggest drawback. You will not feel much down there. It could be not so satisfactory for you. (For her, it will definitely be). 

Still. I recommend you to try it. It’s a pill that can give you–and especially your partner–lots of fun.

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